Our Church wardens and ministry team met last week to look at our pattern of services for the next few months and to discuss how we promote the mission of the church. The good news is that every church will have a service on Easter Sunday. Also from today, whoever preaches in St Matthews will go out and preach at the 11am service in one of our other churches. The Accredited ministers will also play a vital role in this worship ministry by working alongside the preacher...
...One of the major discussions was around our website and newsletter as these are our main vehicles for communicating our message, especially in this time of change. We continue to ask for your thoughts about how we promote ourselves – perhaps you see yourself as a budding editor of the newsletter – please let the parish office know if this is the case!...
...the newsletter is not the only thing that needs your help at this time as we are in need of more volunteers; for example: could you help welcome all worshippers and give out the hymn books on a Sunday; go on the tea rota & Friday pop-in; help with booking baptisms and weddings; lead intercessions; baptism preparation. These are just some of the roles that maybe you could offer to fill within your own church. Now is the time to think about how you can help your church and parish. Perhaps you can think of something else that you would like to do, but that isn’t mentioned here! Come and talk to us in the parish office – we would love to hear from you!

Our PCC Meetings are to be held this week and Father Terry Steele will chair most of them. As Rural Dean he is the person responsible for the parish whilst it is in vacancy...
...the vacancy gives each of us the time and space to think about what is important in our Christian ministry, both in our Church buildings and in the wider community. As the parish profile is being prepared, everyone can have the opportunity to think about how they want the Church to grow. We should all take heed of the words from our Diocese prayer ‘that we may we be faithful in our worship, confident in our discipleship, and joyful in our service, that through us, our family and friends may catch a glimpse of the love you have for each one of us’. How do we want others see our faith in action?

Lent is almost upon us and as usual we will be holding Lent courses. 2015 is the Year of Discipleship, and this year we will be using the discipleship lent material provided by our Diocese. If you would like to host one of the Lent courses please let Gwen know in the Parish office

The Advent Wreath festival has just published its accounts and it was a great success with just over £800 profit being made for our churches. A big thank you to all who took part and sponsors and to Rosemary Sharp and all her team,-especially Sandie Dennis from Eden Florists who helped not only in providing the raw materials but also the tricks of the trade in demonstrating how to make them! We look forward to the Festival in 2015.

The Inland Revenue has been very kind to us again with a cheque for £1689.81.
It just goes to show that every penny that we gift aid counts!

St Peter & St Paul, Ingoldmells are pleased to announce that the very popular Saturday coffee shop will re-open for business on Saturday 7 February at 10.00am. You are always assured of a warm welcome and a hot cuppa!.

Parish Chaplaincy

The work of the Church in our community is divided into four Chaplaincies: we work with Children and Schools, with people in Hospital, with people at work and with people who are bereaved. For details of how you may help with the work in any of the Chaplaincies please contact the Parish Office

Workplace Chaplaincy, meeting people at work. We continue to visit people at work; we hold a lunch for people in business; we invite firms to support the Advent Wreath Festival during December.

Childrens Chaplaincy, meeting people at school and those in the uniformed organisations. We gave regular talks at school assemblies, hold schools events in Church, hosted schools at harvest festivals, carol services, and Christingle services. We are developing alternative opportunities for worship by way of Messy Church which meets monthly on a Saturday afternoon.

Hospital Chaplaincy, meeting people at the Hospital. We have a support group made up from members of the staff at the hospital. We have provided information leaflets to go in the patient's bedside folders. We provide information leaflets for the staff. We hold information events for local ministers who are encouraged to be part of the chaplaincy service.

Bereavement Chaplaincy, meeting people who have lost loved ones. We have widened our base of volunteers to include members from the Skegness Fellowship of Churches. We run a training courses. We take funeral services, make follow up calls, provide memorial services, make our churches available so that people can spend a quiet moment and light a candle in memory, and try to be as supportive as possible.

Work on developing the Workplace Chaplaincy continues.

What is confirmation?

Confirmation is part of the process of admission to Holy Communion and valuing our Christian life. It starts with your Baptism. In this group of parishes we baptise about 60 children each year. Parents and Godparents encourage their children to learn to know God in public worship, follow Jesus in the life of faith, and serve their neighbour after the example of Christ. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find the benefits of the Christian life. Being confirmed is a public statement of something you have decided; sharing Holy Communion with fellow Christians is one of the greatest outward symbols of your inward desire to life a fulfilled Christian life. If you, or someone you know, would like to be confirmed, please let us know.

Our Legacy to the Church

Through the centuries our Churches have been cared for and maintained by the hard work and generosity of countless generations of people. And it is thanks to them that our Churches are available to us today to use and enjoy. It is our responsibility to ensure that future generations of people will be able to look back in gratitude for what we have done to keep the buildings in good order.

One of the ways in which we can do this is to leave a gift to our church in our Will. If this is something that you would like to do then please pick up a leaflet from the literature table in your Church and take a look at what is involved.


Leaving money in our Will is a splendid way of ensuring that the work of the Church that we supported in our lifetime can continue after our death.

Age Concern Age Concern operates a Well-being telephone call service. A telephone call is made to the older person providing a weekday social contact. This is to ensure all is well; if there is no reply action is taken to check things out. Volunteer callers are also needed. For how to access the service and on volunteering, please contact Emma Maltby on 768693

Stands for: Healthier Older People.  There are two types of classes - one for over sixties and one for fitter under fifty fives. Sessions are held on Tuesday mornings, 10.30am at Ingoldmells in St Peters Hall, and Tuesday & Friday mornings at 11.00am at Skegness in St Clements Community Hall.  Contact from Doreen (820274)

Day Centre
St Barnabas Hospice runs a day therapy unit on Fridays at Skegness Hospital. Volunteers are needed for making drinks and chatting with patients. If you could spend a few hours a week to help with this excellent servicve then please call in to the unit any Friday between 10am and 4pm.

Can you support the Community Larder?
This is a scheme to provide emergency food rations in times of crisis and is there to help people when there is a delay in the receipt of benefit cheque or in a sudden family crisis. All the local churches are supporting the scheme.

Something as simple as having a collection box in your church. You asked to donate a tin, jar or packet now and again. Items that are asked for include tinned vegetables, meats, spaghetti, or beans (all with ring-pulls); also: jams, cereals, teabags, powdered milk, instant coffee, pasta, pasta sauces, and soups.

Items collected will be taken to the community larder at the Storehouse.


Your Churches are Open

St Matthew, Skegness: Monday to Friday:   9.00am - 12noon

St Clement, Skegness: Tuesday 10.00am until 11.30am

St Peter & Paul, Ingoldmells Wednesday - 10.00am - 1.00pm Saturday 10.00am - 1.00pm